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Cable Testing and Certifications

Medium Voltage Power Cable Testing is designed for power cables that are considered the backbone of the facilities power distribution system. Field Technicians performing this critical work must understand how cable systems are designed, installed, and tested, as well as the applicable standards to follow, and how to properly select and perform the appropriate testing methods for their situation.

Praetorian Power Protection employs the needed industry talent to perform high level analyzation of insulation resistance tests (DAR & PI), DC hipot tests, Type I withstand tests (DC, AC, & VLF), as well as diagnostic testing using Tan Delta and Partial Discharge techniques.

Except for Installation over-voltage withstand testing of newly installed systems, most MV/HV cable testing is Diagnostic, or non-destructive, using absolute, trending, and comparative test data usually performed as part of a condition-based electrical maintenance program. Although all methods of cable testing can be explored, our focus is primarily on the current methods of Withstand, Tan Delta, and Partial Discharge testing using VLF and 50/60 Hz. power frequency techniques for data collection to provide specific defect information and/or the overall condition of the cable.