Services & Offerings

Switchgear Modernization


  • Praetorian Power Protection is highly qualified to provide all parts, breakers, and onsite installation services as a complete turnkey for customer
  • This retrofit can be performed in a phased approach with proper planning
  • The turnkey retrofit will ultimately replace the “end of life” breakers and guarantee longevity for many more years to come

Why a Retrofit Vs. Replacement?


  • A retrofit can be installed in several days depending on the number of breakers.
  • No permits required
  • Retrofit will keep existing footprint of breakers
  • No major rigging required
  • No new cabling.  Replacement equipment may require all new feeder runs to be installed.
  • Reduced downtime and minimal changeover during upgrade
  • Increased reliability and performance
  • Reduced unexpected maintenance expenditures
  • Ability to add new accessories
  • Easy to access spare parts
  • Shorter lead time (16-24 Week)


  • Rip and replacement of switchgear can take several weeks
  • GC/EC and Permitting Required
  • No guarantee of same footprint
  • Rigging required
  • Likely will require new LV cables/terminations
  • Significant downtime
  • Long-lead times on new equipment (52 Weeks)


  • Relay Retrofits upgrades, replacing outdated protections systems to the latest standards and technology: Example (GE-735 & 737 to a New Multilin 850 )


  • Replace existing outdated controls with redundant SEL 3530 (or Similar) Real-Time Automation Controllers (RTAC) provides a multifunctional control, and allows for endless customization of control parameters

Praetorian Power Protection Value Add

  • Local presence in critical markets across the country
  • 40 years of combined internal experience working on complex retrofit projects
  • Our solution will modify the existing cradle to fit a standard “off the shelf” Breaker
  • We will provide a 1-year warranty on parts and installation (same as factory)
  • OEM direct retrofit solution will keep the existing cradle the same, but make you purchase a custom and modified breaker
    • Extremely long lead times for a custom breaker
    • Every cubicle could be different (especially the 4000-5000AF)
    • Very hard to manage spares that are all custom
    • Would require OEM to perform the installation