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SCCS / Power Studies

One of the most critical aspects of designing, operating, and maintaining power systems is the performance of a short-circuit coordination study or SCCS. A well performed SCCS minimizes downtime to mission critical infrastructure through selective coordination while simultaneously reducing the electrical, mechanical, and thermal hazards impressed on equipment and personnel during a short-circuit event. The SCCS has planning and financial impacts as it sets the baseline for the size and type of switchgear to deploy – switches, fuses, and breakers should be procured to withstand the maximum stress imposed by a bolted three-phase short-circuit and respond in a safe and timely manner to interrupt the fault and extinguish the electrical arc.

Furthermore, OSHA compliant maintenance programs depend on the SCCS to identify appropriate PPE and establish safe working boundaries via incident energy calculations. Praetorian Power Protection is proud to provide SCCS solutions to industry leading customers, including Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis in accordance with IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E.