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NETA Electrical Acceptance and Maintenance Testing

Praetorian Power Protection is a NETA accredited third-party electrical testing company. ANSI/NETA Acceptance Testing Standards (ATS) and Maintenance Testing Standards (MTS) are the foundation of the electrical testing industry. This standards-based approach to both acceptance and maintenance testing ensures each device, apparatus, system and facility is tested the right way, every time.

Praetorian Power Protection’s testing technicians and field engineers are certified by NETA. This ensures all work we perform is to NETA standards as well as all other applicable industry standards – OSHA, NFPA70E, NEC, IEEE, CSA, NEMA, and ASTM. Additionally, our staff continues their training and education through continuing education courses, college courses, conference attendance, and other industry resources. This keeps our team current and always expanding their knowledge and skillset. We take great pride in our staff and the work that we perform on any project. This could be as simple as half a day testing a circuit breaker to managing the acceptance testing of a multi-million square foot facility.

As a third-party our only interest is in the testing process. NETA Accredited Companies are independent electrical power systems testing service-providers. They must be divested of competing service or manufacturing interests. As third-party auditors, they provide unbiased electrical testing results while ensuring accurate testing and reporting; they are never influenced by conflicting factors involved with budgeting, installation, or product manufacturing.

Praetorian Power Protection is a full-service testing company. In addition to the testing itself we are able to provide the following services for your acceptance or maintenance testing project:

  • Project management
  • Electrical drawing and schematic field updates and as-builts
  • Full commissioning management platform management CxAlloy, BIM360, etc.
  • Coordination studies, arc flash studies and labeling