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Method of Procedure (MOP)

Mission critical facilities must avoid failures and downtime due to human interaction, where human interaction accounts for the leading cause of system outages. An important mechanism to eliminate the impact of humans to complex infrastructure during the installation, commissioning, expansion, or maintenance process is the method of procedure or MOP. The MOP confines a worker to a sequence of actions that ensure a positive and desired outcome. Comprehensive and effective MOPs that have passed through the formal approval process should include the following information:

  • Scope description
  • Safety requirements
  • Expected initial conditions
  • Impacted equipment
  • Material and tools
  • Sequence of work to be performed
  • Back out plan

Praetorian Power has developed and maintained MOPs for some of the most complex mission critical infrastructures and data centers across the industry by taking a strategic and methodical approach to identifying and eliminating points of possible failure in the human-system interaction.