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Protection & Controls (P&C)

Praetorian Power Protection has a full service Protection and Controls (P&C) team with licensed professional engineers, senior protection, controls, and relay technicians, commissioning engineers and testing technicians. Our P&C group is fully equipped for your high-voltage substation and generating station project:

  • Electrical-mechanical and solid-state relay modernization to digital relays.
  • Complete apparatus testing – transformers, breakers, switches, disconnects, instrument transformers, capacitor banks, line reactors, protective relays, lockouts, control schemes and SCADA.
  • Full station testing and commissioning including all apparatus, relay, and functional testing.
  • NERC standards compliance, including creating your maintenance and documentation program.
  • Augmenting your over-burdened P&C staff for short and long-term projects.
  • SF6 gas analysis, breaker testing and repair