Services & Offerings

Variable Frequency Drives

A properly maintained variable frequency drive (VFD) can provide decades and cost-effective service. Making VFD inspections and maintenance part of facility oversight can improve outcomes.

The manufacturing industry values variable frequency drives (VFDs) to maximize efficiency and productivity, but that appreciation may slip away when a breakdown occurs. A seamlessly functioning VFD delivers tremendous benefits, but it can falter when not adequately maintained. And when a production line or machinery grinds to a halt as a result, it’s essential to troubleshoot the issues and quickly resume operations.

Praetorian Power Protection offers:

  1. Industry experts on LV and MV drive systems
  2. Extensive experience working on all OEM VFDs
  3. Controls troubleshooting, reprogramming and updates
  4. Experienced Field Engineers and Technicians for modernizing or retrofitting existing motor starters, soft starts and complete VFD systems
  5. Spare parts access and OEM expedited service
  6. Troubleshoot LV and MV VFD and controls
  7. Preventative maintenance and testing
  8. Turnkey VFD replacements

Other testing and services we perform:

  • Transformer testing
  • Transformer and Breaker Oil processing
  • Low and medium voltage switchgear and MCC testing
  • Ground Grid Testing
  • Ground fault relay testing
  • Electrotechnical and solid-state relay testing
  • Automatic transfer switch testing
  • MV contactor testing
  • Temporary power
  • Motor testing