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Commissioning Process Overview

Commissioning Process Overview

Commissioning is an integral part of the services offered by Praetorian Power Protection. With our technicians’ proficient data center commissioning experience, Praetorian Power Protection has the capability to provide our clients with a systematic and documented commissioning process ensuring that the building systems perform in accordance with the owner’s operational needs and design intent. Praetorian Power Protection is equipped to engage the entire commissioning process, starting with the Commissioning Plan Development Phase, Commissioning Functional Testing Phase, and Final Report. The commissioning process is designed, documented, and performed in accordance with ASHRAE Guideline, NIBS Guideline other industry standards, and professional experience.

The Commissioning Planning Phase integrates Basis of Design Review, Commissioning Schedule, Commissioning Meetings, and Commissioning Issue Log. Praetorian Power Protection creates a Commissioning Plan for each project which includes our standard Commissioning Process, as well as provides lists of equipment and systems that are commissioned, identifies the Commissioning Team that executes the Plan, and describes the roles and responsibilities of the Commissioning Team members.

The Commissioning Team is led by the Commissioning Authority (CxA), consisting of representatives of the owner, the contractors, and the major equipment suppliers. The commissioning of each project begins during the construction phase of the project and concludes with the Integrated Systems Test (IST) at the end of the construction phase.

Praetorian Power Protection’s Commissioning Process is structured using the following five (5) levels of commissioning activities from start to finish of the project.

Level 1 Factory Witness Testing: 

During the design phase of the project, the CxA performs limited design submittal reviews focused on identifying issues related to long-term systems performance and maintainability, and facilitation of the commissioning process.

Level 2 Pre-Startup Equipment Inspections: 

Equipment is inspected onsite after installation by contractors, prior to startup and performance testing.

Level 3 Equipment Startup Support and Verification: 

Equipment startup and acceptance testing is performed by equipment vendors and third-party testing agencies. Level 3 reports are reviewed by the CxA.

Level 4 Equipment Functional Testing: 

Individual equipment assemblies and monitoring systems are tested under load and in all operating configurations.

Level 5 Integrated Systems Testing (IST) at Design Loads: 

IST is performed to verify that the major equipment components and individual systems function as designed when operated as a system. Scripted equipment faults are introduced during the IST to verify proper systems response and equipment redundancy.

Follow Up Post-Commissioning Follow Up of Report Findings: 

Any issues discovered during commissioning are logged and tracked using the online Issues Resolution Log (IRL). The IRL is generated and maintained on a SharePoint site which provides ready access to the most recently updated information for the commissioning team members.

Issues are assigned to responsible parties for resolution. Resolution of issues is reported to the Commissioning Team by the party responsible for rectification and subsequently verified by the CxA.

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